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Thu, Aug. 17th, 2006, 09:35 pm
chocobotkid: mamarama zine

Hello ladies,
I am well aware that this group is pretty dead. but i am in a serious funk, it's bad.
so, i need to do something. one step at a time. i need a goal. so i want to try my hand (again) at zinemaking.
i am looking for art, photos, collages, writing, poems, comfort food recipies. ANYTHING about being depressed, bi-polar, manic etc... mothering with mental illness.
cause right now, i feel like a failure, a shit mom, and i need to write to stay alive right now. and you too. i need y'all to help me by submitting stories, art or anything at all in relation to your mental health and motherhood. you can be on meds, not medicated, no judgments. i just want to spread the word that we can do it. cause we ARE doing it. as rough as it can get.
one piece i'd love to include would be an IM conversation/interview between myself and anyone interested. we can have a dialogue, less an interview, more  like talking about daily shit and how we cope.
please please send me stuff. if you contirbute, you will get a copy.


chocobotkid at hotmail dot com