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Thu, Oct. 26th, 2006, 01:17 am
chocobotkid: call for submissions

It's a mega-zine, a ONE TIME issue on Mothering and Mental Health:
-How do you do it?
-Making it
-Meds/No Meds
-Getting through the day
-Deep corners of depression/Embarrasing the kids with your mania
-Comfort food/shopping therapy etc...
-On being "normal"
-Recipies for destruction/creativity
-Dealing with mentally ill parents
-Crisis management
-The back up plan/Emergencies
-One day at a time
-Coping with you for partners/coping with partners/family
-Pregnacy: meds or no meds? what was your experience?

Get it off your chest (I'll even publish anonymous submissions).
Deadline December 15 2006
Email submissions and queries to Lindsey at chocobotkid at hotmail dot com